We are committed to powering the Snowy Mountains long into the future

Kohler has developed a global reputation over the last century as a pure power expert. Our power systems are equipped with KOHLER industry-leading innovation including generators, transfer switches, switchgear and controllers.

As an authorised distributor and service provider for KOHLER generators, we can supply individual generators or deliver turn-key, multi-engine power plans backed by long-term support.

GMECM supplied KOHLER power generators and systems have endured the industry’s toughest testing processes, ensuring safety and performance in even the harshest conditions. Our power systems are used in Australia’s most demanding applications, powering everything from petrol stations to remote construction sites and industrial facilities. You can rest assured that our products will work when you need them most.

Our Key Features
  • Complete control of sound levels is an especially important criteria for installations in urban environments (hospitals, nursing
    homes, shopping centres, and so on). Noise reduction is a non-negotiable priority for KOHLER standard products, with 11 point testing to ensure they comply with the most stringent of standards.
  • When compared to an equivalent generator engine, KOHLER offers significant fuel savings with optimised consumption technology.
  • KOHLER generators absorb load impacts during transient phases, whilst retaining the quality of the electricity produced in terms of frequency and voltage.
  • KOHLER have a minimum air to boil (ATB) level
    of 40°C in standby mode, and 45°C when used as the prime source. This means that at 40 or 45°C, when some manufacturers
    cannot supply the cooling needed for their generators to run at full power, KOHLER generators deliver 100% of their capacity, without a drop in power.
  • Thanks to their innovative engineering, KOHLER generators pack big performance into a compact frame, in both enclosed and open versions.
  • All KOHLER generators are tested in line with the most stringent ISO standards. The Francebased laboratory is one of only two in the world accredited for conducting tests on generators with outputs exceeding 10 kW.
  • KOHLER generators are European built with robust base frames and high quality enclosures. The durable materials used have been designed and tested to ensure safety and performance in even the harshest conditions

Our Capabilities

Generator Sales

Our experienced sales team can help you work out which diesel generator will best suit your requirements.


From site inspections to rigorous testing – a generator installed by us is a generator that works.


Our team of Generator mechanics can service your system to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for years.