Power your home or business with solar power

Utilising the sun’s power to provide energy for your home/ business is one of the smartest investments you can make. A solar power system can lower your energy costs, protect you from ever-rising electricity charges, and reduce your overall impact on our environment.

Greater Monaro ECM is a leading retailer and installer of quality solar power systems across the Snowy Mountains. We believe we can help change the way we generate and use power, while doing our bit for the environment and developing a more sustainable future.

Start powering your home with solar energy today, and start saving money and energy tomorrow!

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While fossil fuel-based generation has traditionally been the world’s dominant source of electricity, the benefits of solar energy are numerous, and it has become one of the fastest-growing and cost-competitive energy resources in the world. The sun beams enough rays to the earth each hour to power the world’s energy needs for an entire year – and we have the ability to harness and distribute this clean energy source more cheaply and more efficiently than ever before.

Whilst we notably understand that there are positive social and environmental impacts for installing a solar system to your house, there are other aspects that make the investment a critical purchase. Solar energy reliabilty, despite variences in sunlight, a properly sized and configured solar PV system can be highly reliable for long term, fixed price electricity supply. Also keep in mind that, when compared to fossil fuel generation, solar energy plants use less water, produce less noise and waste, and have a lesser impact on air quality and the land on which plants are situated. The global warming emissions associated with renewable energy are believed to be minimal, as most renewable sources produce little to no carbon emissions during the life-cycle of a renewable energy plant

Our key features

  • We use a Clean Energy Council Member
  • Our products come with manufactured warranty

  • Packages to suit a wide range

  • Competative Solar Prices

  • Team of professional installers

  • Fast turn around

  • Maintenance packages available

  • We use a Clean Energy Installer

We offer flexible payment options  

4-5Kw System

  • Small Family
  • Small Package

5-7Kw System

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